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1. Introduction

Billionaire Models Pty Ltd is an intermediary booking agency, which connects clients to models. We use the services of independent contractors.

2. Acceptance of this Agreement

This agreement is between Billionaire Models Pty Ltd and the customer.

You do not have to sign this Agreement physically to agree to its terms. 

By paying an invoice which is either text messaged or emailed with a copy of the terms and conditions you will be deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions of services.

3. Website viewing

Some content on the website including images and text is sexually explicit and may be offensive to some people. If you do find any of the material on the website offensive please leave right away.

Advertising material on this website and any link to other advertising or social media may contain sexually explicit images and/or text. Billionaire Models Pty Ltd does not take responsibility for any images appearing on these advertising platforms.

Any images, logos and photographs appearing on the website are owned by Billionaire Models Pty Ltd and may not be used or copied.

4. Pricing, Bookings and Cancellations

Clients must pay a deposit to secure their model booking. Once a booking has been confirmed and any deposit has been paid, booking locations, dates and times cannot be changed or altered by the customer unless the performer confirmed for the booking can accommodate the requested change.

In addition to the booking fee, the Customer must pay the balance outstanding for the services of the models, to the model directly on the night of the function. Any financial or other obligation will be between the Customer and the model on the night of the function. 

Billionaire Models Pty Ltd will ensure that the right model will turn up to the booking. In the case where this agreement cannot be met, the client will be informed and we will strive to provide a replacement model for the booking. 

Any contracted model agrees to perform their duties such as entertaining, waitressing or topless as stated in booking.  

You must provide Billionaire Models Pty Ltd with all the details we reasonably request as part of the booking process.  If you fail or refuse to provide details or give us wrong details, we reserve the right to either refuse to provide the Service or cancel the Services.

If the Customer cancels the function, the deposit paid by the Customer will be forfeited. If the customer cancels within 24 hours of the booking, an additional fee may be charged to cover the time allotted by models that are unable to be rebooked. 

No refund will be given if you fail to comply with any of the above terms and conditions.

5. The Services and Customer’s Obligations

The Customer and attendants of their event shall be solely responsible and liable for the safety and security of the models for the duration of the function; and

If the terms of this agreement are breached by the Customer or any patron who attended the function, the model reserves the right to terminate their duties for the function and leave the function immediately.  In these circumstances, no refund will be provided to the Customer.

For health and safety, there must be a clean and safe area for our models to work in. There must also be a private and safe room for our models to get changed in.

The use of phones and video are strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this condition it may result in the performer or wait staff cancelling or leaving the booking.

Patrons must treat the models with respect at all times. Yelling profanities, touching inappropriately, being disrespectful or throwing items is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this condition the model will leave the booking.

Asking for sex or any kind sexual favours is strictly prohibited. Any sexual request, intimidation or advance towards the performer will result in the performance being cancelled IMMEDIATELY WITH NO REFUND. Beware of, and be respectful of the performers’ boundaries and do not ‘test’ or ‘overstep’ these boundaries.

Any issues between customer and model will strive to be resolved in a professional manner. Billionaire Models will always protect their models and a decision by the model to leave a booking will always be supported. 

6. Confidentiality and Privacy

The customer must ensure that the rules set out in this Agreement in relation to conduct concerning the model are known to all attendees of the function.

Any photos sent directly to customer are solely for the use of booking and may not be shared or used by the customer for any other purpose.

You agree that a contact name and number will be passed onto the model once booking has been confirmed. This contact number will only be used by the model on arrival at a function or event or if she is late to the booking. 

A model has the right not to disclose her name, living address or any other personal information while attending a booking.

Customers should not attempt to contact a model or ask for their personal details on or after a booking.